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Welcome to Smoke Free WorkForce

Are you ready to make your workforce healthier?

About Smoke Free WorkForce

The Smoke Free WorkForce (SFWF) Campaign was launched in 2017 by Johnson & Johnson Sdn Bhd, supported by the Ministry of Health (MoH) and several major corporations.

With the Government’s agenda to create a smoke-free generation by 2045, your participation in the SFWF Campaign could be your company’s first step to accelerate the country towards achieving a greater cause.

Making a Difference

Through this campaign, CEOs and corporations are urged to rally for a smoke free workforce. Why? There are many direct and indirect benefits:
  • Healthier working conditions

  • Increased productivity

  • Reduce employees’ medical-related costs

These benefits can potentially change the lives of your colleagues and their loved ones too! Campaign partners are encouraged to provide support to employees who would like to quit smoking.

Interested to Join?

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